Tales of Love and Happiness

by The Winebirds

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released July 10, 2012



all rights reserved


The Winebirds Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Ladies First
Try to be nice, try to be good,
all of the things we said that we should;
do to keep our love alive,
do to keep ourselves from crying.
But I cannot pay your bills,
or keep you warm when you're chilled;
I guess I'll take this cold alone,
I guess I will and I guess you won't.

You better save yourself from me.
Please don't get along to far.
Is there nothing I can do?

Falling down on the side of the road,
waiting for you to get home.
No I'm not going to stay all night,
just until I see headlights.
I've got something better still:
when you're well I'll make you ill.
Keep you sick, all of the time;
much to weak to leave my side.

We can see it coming on down the line,
it might be tomorrow could be tonight.
Can't forget it, cannot heal,
all around a shitty deal;
and the bars and the drugs and the therapists
won't help us now, won't change our luck.
So we hide our heads under the sheets
and we fight some more before we go to sleep.

No one loves you more than me.
Track Name: Grinning Man
There's a man standing over the bed.
The static enters your head.
The TV chatters, down the stairs.
He grins at you and it fills you with despair.

Leave me alone.

He questions you without a voice.
He paces around the room without a noise.
He leaves you without warning, without haste.
His smile stays with you long after you wake.

He fills you with what he'll do,
how he'll never forget your face, my love,
as you lie asleep.
He fills you with a warning,
not to question in the morning what he's done.
Stop staring.
Track Name: Jerusalem Syndrome
Revelations says the end is coming.
Revelation's just around the bend.
Revelation says the word of God will cut you where you stand.
Revelation says the anti-Christ is coming:
raise your guns and sing your hymns.
All the liars and the fornicators drown in blood so red.

It's a little bit hard to believe that you are the one who is going to let me down.
It's a little bit hard to believe the one that I love is my enemy now.

I remember all the complications.
I remember every word you said.
I remember how it feels to always wish that you were dead.
I would like to say I'll see you in the next world,
but I don't think he will let go.
Only those of us who fight beside him bask in Heaven's glow.

I'm sorry, my baby, but you're a heathen and you can't come with me.
I'm sorry, my love, you should have been much better than what you were.

Let me down.
Track Name: Mistress of Thyme
With your second-sight, and your crystal ball;
or whatever the kids are calling it now.
Can't tell us the why's, but you'll tell us the how's.
Sip a drink in the corner and watch the debacle;
cos we all know you are coming in hot, girl.
Spare us your daydreams let us swing from the rafters.

Fee fie foe fum, sucking on a dragon's thumb.
Eloise you're going to steal the party tonight.
Eloise, oh please!

All the arms in the world could never wrap around you.
No one asked the questions to all of your answers.
I'll give you a wink, but I won't hear you speak;
and I'll be on my own until this time next week.

Fee fie foe fum, biting on a dragon's tongue.

Nobody wants to hear about the future when there present is a mess and there past is a disaster so let us sleep in peace, dear Eloise.
Track Name: Waltz #3
If Heaven should beckon I'd ask you don't cry;
there's things more important than this.
If I were to ask would you pluck out your eyes
and follow me blind through the mist?
If I were to tell you all how much I cared,
I never would finish the list.
If I were to sing to you one last time
is this the song you would pick?

Not a bird in the world could fly if it didn't have sight.
Close a door and the light hits your eyes;
it is time that I tried.

Count the pennies that spill from the jar;
not enough to get far.
But there's maybe enough to get what must be done
to erase all the scars.
Drilling holes in the back of my skull
never using a tool.
I won't forget you
I want you to know,
but my arms must let go.

I'm only looking for someplace to hide.
Please do not try to find me.
Track Name: Wolves of Wapanitia
You: tell us what you want.
Tell us what is real.
Tell us what is wrong.
We: are heading on a trip;
don't know what to see,
don't know what to hear.

Waves - roll across your eyes
Tell you what is real.
Tell you what is right.
(We hide behind you. You'll never find us. We say it right out loud.)
Wolves: are just a state of mind.
Stay ahead of the pack;
stay ahead of the times.
(We light the fire. We'll forty-five you. We'll cut your eyes out.)

You said to be cool.
You said to be strong.
You said that you'd stay forever;
I knew you were wrong,
but I thought it'd take longer before you forgot me.

Drugs: I take them all the time.
I hate the way they make me feel.
I love the way they pass the time.
Songs: you used to buy them by the dozen.
Now you get them for nothing,
and you wonder why they suck?

You told me to wait.
You told me hold on.
You told me you'd love me forever;
now you're dead and you're gone.
Track Name: Moon Theory
Kiss the surprise, tell me goodnight.
See me turn white, the clouds divide, no time wasting.
No Sunday smiles, no faking.
It's on my eyes.
Leaves of tea, my blade and me.
On a Sunday night some times it's mine, a drop of your love.
A little fire to shed some light, the Moon is taken.
The good light.

When I looked at your picture it made me feel so sad.
When I cut up your picture I didn't feel so bad.
Then I saw your reflection in a piece of broken glass.

Black third-eye, seeing blurry to one side.
I see the lashes coming down; there's no hurry.
The surprise is tonight.
I'm there lately.

When you had your affliction it seemed like such a drag.
Track Name: I'm Through
When the pain isn't leaving me;
and the music doesn't comfort me;
and the man upstairs don't believe in me;
I'm through.

When the Sun it shines on everything;
it's still black in here, baby can't you see?
When these words are all that will work for me,
I'm through.

When the rain falls sideways on the door;
and I'm sitting on your bedroom floor;
and I don't think I can take no more;
I'm through.

You tell me we're going to love again;
I don't believe you are genuine;
it's not your love that I want in.
Track Name: Booze, Boys and Bongos
He was working on the all time record as the longest running captain of the losing team.
When she saw that his bottle wasn't stopping, well, she broke it into pieces and she put him across her knee.
I was waiting there for somebody to clear the air I laid upon the davenport and fell into a sleep.
When I awoke well he was lying on the floor and she was lying there beside him and the jury found guilty.
Track Name: Gash
Renovations and dirty looks are easier then writing the book.
Arts and letters are easy to leave when you can't afford a new pair of jeans.
Then it got harder, the harder you looked, you were the cop and I was the crook.
You are the hanger and I am the coat, when you leave I fall to the floor.
You won't shed a tear until you're full of them, till you're already gone.

Scars and lesions are easy to hide when they're under the skin and behind the eyes.
Pretending to love me is harder by far, but you've done it with grace for so very long.

I'll call it a day once you've gone away, once your conscience is clear.

Nothing will get done.
Staring at the Sun just like the one that you would make fun of.
Nothing will go right.
Following that dull and tiny light that you've been chasing all your life.

I will surely stay in this mess I've made until my ears will not hear.
You'll find happiness once you've left this mess, you've got nothing to fear.
Track Name: Apple of Weeds
So long; we sail for safer shores
with no wind in the sails, no hands at the oars.
Too long we've cut for paper sores
that we scrape off and save like files in a drawer.
Every day we find new ways to hate, every night on the phone we're in love.

Living on the script of a foreign king
doesn't mean you step on a fool like me.
So far the future seems to me;
to be the parking garage of old St. Pete.
Looking hard you can see the end of the war,
but behind you they're setting off bombs and guns.
The magician has to play so dumb for the spell to work, to save the song.

I've been over the Moon for much too long.
I have never stood behind a line that's drawn.
I'm waiting for the world to come back down.
I will kiss you in the ashes; pull you to the ground.

A head without dreams, a heart with no comforting.
Nothing there.
The Apple of Weeds, the Sun and the emptiness,
I held you there.
Your hand touching me, none of those bills to pay,
I'll see you there.
Your foot in a stream, without any clothes to wear,
I'll see you there.