Séance Hill

by The Winebirds

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released December 11, 2009



all rights reserved


The Winebirds Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: I Obscenity In Thy Mother's Milk
I Obscenity In Thy Mother's Milk

No one's going to ask him; no one needs a little more unkindness.
In a place like this you would think I could find a better friend.
Living here for free off of all your good intentions;
and it ain't so sweet - but it never is in the end.

No one's going to take him to a place of golden silence
where the air is thin and the ether claims the violence.
I could take you where he's from if you want to but I couldn't tell you where he's been.
I could tell you all the things that he told me but I couldn't tell you what they meant.

In a place like this no one needs a little more unkindness.
In a place like this you would think that I could find a better friend.
And it ain't so sweet when you taste thy mother's milk
so I obscenity.

No one's going to ask me; no one needs a little more confusion.
In a land so free, why does it cost me so much to live?
I could be like him if I want to tell everyone exactly how I feel
but I don't take satisfaction burning down the house in which I dwell.

He wants you and me and everything.
Track Name: The Solution
The Solution

Every time we find a part of us that's still alive
we hold it higher than the birds can fly.
We push it right into the sun.

But you,
you're going to get them all to change their minds.
You going to fix us all with just one try.
It's hard to guess just what you'll do.

Don't give us lonely nights, baby.
Just give us something that's better than love.
Don't give us lonely nights, honey.
Make sure it's something that we can touch.

Everyone wants to be part of something they're proud of.
But what we mostly do is sift through crumbs
trying to find someone to use.

But me,
I'll never see the things of which I dream.
I know you don't need me for anything.
I will remember you to...

Love. Satisfaction.
Track Name: Hit Machine
Hit Machine

Windows will close, I know, I know, throughout my life you have told me.
Never held nothing back from me.
Life's sure been kind to you, you've traded up to green from blue.
I guess that makes you smarter than me.

Waiting for the ragged and the lean.

My tears may not fill your cupped hand, but the quality is diamond;
not that I'll cry them anyway.
All will fall under it's own weight if the foundation is crumbling;
still you're just gonna chip away...

shards of our imperfect memories.

I faked the growth, I skipped the show, it's harder now to fill the roll
of your personal den of need.
I don't know how to love you anymore, I don't,
I don't need another hit machine.

Sons of revolutionaries prop you up but cannot make you
find the words that you are trying to sing.
Waiting for the rest of us to hold you up once you have lost it.
Doesn't that seem cold and unlikely?
Track Name: Out In The Van
Out In The Van

It's getting harder to stay quiet when you scream.
Walk quiet through the house turning down the heat.
You're going to see me out by the front door; let the screen slam on me.
You gonna tell me that I'm good for nothing; I can't disagree.

It gets harder to hear you say nothing.
Come meet me at the door; always so angry.
It gets lonely sitting by the back door smoking with you a room away.
And I wonder when you met me was someone else feeling this way.

You said "Leave me by the river where you loved me the most."

Well that screen slammed so much it straight fell away.
We talked about it so much we ran out of things to say.
But that mattress fits through the front door, so do the sheets.
Got a pillow and a box-spring but nowhere to sleep.

Nowhere to sleep.

You're going to leave me by the river where you loved me the most.
Track Name: Best In Show
Best In Show

Through the rubble, I'm stumbling.
Don't want to tell tales on that man, but I'm a little skittish.
I'm going to run to the window, make my sign, blow a kiss to you.
Go swimming one last time in your swimming pool.

It's only blindness, baby, no one's gonna see anything
Hand me the rope my darling I just wanna go for a swing

Well you wanted to be in your daddy's arms.
And you wanted to see the best in show.

It's modern kindness baby no one's gonna say anything
Hand me the rope my darling I just wanna go for a swing
Track Name: Tideman

Only another could tell you it wasn't the time.
Give me some warning if we're going to spend one more night.

I watched the light from the streetlamp across your cheek.
You looked like there was something you wanted to say.

Where are you now?

Harbors and havens ain't nothing like heaven.
If you could forgive us we'd be mistaken.
If only your expectations could hold us tonight.
Track Name: Vanity

Looking pleased is the easiest thing, it's why you always see a shiny smile on me.
I know how much you hate it when I lie in the sun, but I'm the girl of gold,
and you're the ghost of someone else's vision, somebody's dream;
racing for what rat's receive.
It's hard to tell what looks better on you - the lack of faith or the end of youth.

I won't see myself and act so surprised,
if you don't make me pick the stars from your eyes.
Kissing yourself on a cold window pane,
I am not vain.

It wasn't hard to find; It wasn't mystifying.
It wasn't anything that you said it was although you're sure you're right.
If you'd another try at a brand new life
do you think you'd take it 'cos the one you're living now is so unkind?

I am not vain I just cry a lot and sleep all day, cross my fingers when I say:
"I'm wishing you the best of luck, I'm not here to hold you up or keep you hanging."

I'm a liar.
Track Name: Superdelegate

I know your pocket's lined with the contents of the peoples' mind.
I fucked a senator; I burned his clothes after he died.
You know we love your speeches, you raise the folks right out of their seats.
I'm going to see you, I want to sing you all to sleep

Looking for some money-man to ease you into fate.
To turn you from a tadpole to a superdelegate.
You'll be crashing into anything to buy yourself some time,
for the pictures of your party.

A small assassination ain't so big against what we're facing.
I'd like to see your blood all across my tambourine.

I'd like to see your brains all across my tambourine.
Track Name: Cassandra

Your story is wild. I can't fill the spaces.
Names to remember; connect to faces.
It's different now. It's harder than it seems.
You're wiser. I'm harder to please.
(Don't you ever pray to me,
are you ever listening?)

Cassandra, don't you know how it is going to be?
Cassandra, don't you know that no one else believes?
Cassandra, don't you know that I am gonna stick around and see?

You chased me too far. I fell into pieces.
Wrote it all down. Sang of your graces.
Don't go back now. Please finish off your tale.
I've got to know what words are in your spell.

Tell me what you want to hear.
Track Name: Monkey Victim Unit
Monkey Victim Unit

I was lost in the jungle, picked up by an orangutan.
He took me back to New York City where this sad story began.
Just a girl at age thirteen attacked at the Brooklyn Zoo.
If I ever catch that monkey I'm going to cut him right in two.

How long. How long.

I was stranded in the desert not even a horse with no game.
I was starving for some water when Israfel called out my name.
He said: "Meet me when my horn blows," but his horn it sure was quiet.
So I crawled a little further nothing to drink but the tears in my eyes.

I'm not saying: "You're a little bit crazy," but you can't make it on your own.
Try planting your misery next time in a place where nothing else will grow.
Track Name: The New Oregon Trail
The New Oregon Trail

We will set out on a march across the mountaintops.
We will dream as we stare into the setting sun.
And my sister's following right behind but the city and us can't agree on the price of
giving up what should have been our right.

Standing on a street corner trying to score from a litter of kittens in a cardboard box
I know you only gonna do what's best for us.
Tell me while your van is broken down about the times you toured from town to town
I am sure you're not the only piece of toast around.

I will always be sitting at home.
You will never be the one I want.
I cannot simplify.

Shaking down all the people passing by with a song about a boy with electric eyes,
sees the future but he does not see the light.
Smash a violin right across my head, show me something that I can't understand,
but you won't say a word even though I knew you when.

I will always be sitting at home.
You will never be the one I want.
I cannot cannot sing I play guitar.
I know it's going to be hard.
You will never be the one I want.
I will always be sitting at home.
I cannot simplify.

Don't you want me to love you?
Don't you want me to be true?
Track Name: The Hill
The Hill

There's a lot to learn; don't let me forget that.
Scars will heal but you know I can still feel the scratch.
Say: "No thanks tonight, I can do without that."

Snowed out memories cover most of our lives.
Say you won't, but you know you'd feel better if I
would just leave and let you put up the good fight.

"It's a long way to get to the top," that's what you say.
Your fingers are scratching at rocks babe.
Your footholds are crumbling still.

There's a lot to learn; let's not all forget that.
Scars have healed but I know you can still feel the scratch.
Say: "No thanks tonight, I can't do without that.

We're only half up the hill.

You're fingers they smell like the dirt and the sage.
I cling to your hand because I can't see your face.
My beautiful baby is falling away.

My lips won't stop shaking my thoughts they just rattle around my head.
My beautiful baby is falling away.